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The mission of Aspire Medical Training Academy is to provide the highest level of excellence in healthcare training to our students through a constant display of professionalism, compassion and pride in the health care profession. We will also be an inspiration to everyone in the healthcare profession to strive for excellence.


We believe that providing health care is a growing industry that requires compassionate, well-trained and motivated individuals in order to continue to thrive. It involves addressing the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of individuals. We believe in the value of each person as an individual first, respecting the individual and their rights, and always striving to assist them in maintaining their personal dignity.

We are also service-oriented. We considerate an honor and privilege to provide a service to meet the educational needs of our students and inspire each student to continue to grow and mature as a health care professional. We also are honored to provide exceptional health care services to individuals we have the opportunity to serve in the community and clinical setting. We strive to model excellence in health care, excellence in education and excellence in life in all of our programs. Our faculty and staff will practice with respect, dignity and compassion to and for the people we will serve to make a difference in their lives.


Aspire Medical Training Academy, formerly God’s Way Project Excel was founded in May 2011 by Lisa Trusclair with a vision of establishing a Certified Nursing Assistant Programs to offer professional improvement for employeed staff. The staff was engaged in providing care for elderly persons and persons with disabilities. We felt this would be a motivating factor for them personally as well as benefit the vision of the company as a whole.

However, throughout the years of working in the health care field with nurses and direct care staff, there has been a phenomenal need as well as request for training which lead to certification for many people. Consequently, our focus shifted to providing quality training to those with a desire to make a unique impact on the health care profession. We also wanted to increase the number of programs offered. This led to the addition of the Phlebotomy Certification Training and Medical Billing and Coding.

In December 2015, Kimberly Clark was offered the opportunity to assume ownership of God’s Way Project Excel and grow the vision of the institution and so Aspire Medical Training Academy was formed.


Aspire Medical Training Academy is licensed by the Louisiana Board of Regents and adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the Proprietary Schools Advisory Commission.

The Certified Nursing Assistant Program is approved by the Department of Health and Hospitals. The Department of Health and Hospital provides local oversight of the program.

Kimberly Clark CEO - Aspire Medical Training Academy - CNA and Phlebotomy Courses - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Kimberly R Clark, President/CEO

Kimberly R Clark is the President/CEO of Aspire Medical Training Academy. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of health care experience ranging from management, direct patient care, education, and administration. She also has 7 years of experience in Proprietary education and has taught in degree programs such as Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Office Assistant, and Medical Assistant programs. She received her first Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2010 from Southeastern Louisiana University. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2011 and Masters of Science in Nursing Practice in May of 2016 from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is passionate about education and healthcare and serving others.

The instructors are all excited about the impact of training others in an effort to better the quality of life. Each person presents a unique approach to learning which brings out the best in each student.