Certified Nursing Assistant Program - Aspire Medical Training Academy - Baton Rouge Louisiana


Course Overview

Aspire Medical Training Academy provides a 5 week training course for the certified nursing assistant, which includes 40 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical experience.

  • Total clock hours to complete the CNA program will be 80 clock hours
  • Classroom training is offered in the evenings on Monday and Wednesday from 4:30pm to 9:30pm for 4 weeks (2 days a week)
  • 40 hours total in fulfillment of state requirements for classroom instructions
  • Clinical training is conducted Monday through Friday (5 days) *clinical hours subjected to change based on facility availability*
  • 40 hours total in fulfillment of state requirements for clinical experiences

** Certified Nursing Assistants can anticipate job offerings in long term care facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities and private duty. Many also find jobs assisting with rehabilitative and restorative care. We do provide assistance for students with job placements. However, we DO NOT guarantee jobs.

Course Description

This course is developed to train students in the field of being a Certified Nursing Assistant. Students will be taught the needed skills to communicate and interact with patients and their family, take vital signs, assist with physical exams, obtain cultures, and demonstrate their sensitivity to the patient’s emotional, social, spiritual, and physical needs. The CNA program is 80 clock hours: 40 lecture/lab hours and 40 clinical hours. The students will complete the program in approximately 5 weeks.

CNA 101 – Introduction to the CNA Health Care Field | Lecture 1.5 hrs | Lab 0 hrs
This subject teaches the scope and practice of the CNA, duties and responsibilities, the chain of command in the workplace, and the role of the CNA within the health care team.

CNA 102 – Communication Skills and Challenges | Lecture 3.5 hrs | Lab 0 hrs
Students will be taught verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills, barriers to communication, and the specific techniques needed to communicate with patients that may be ill or have specific disabilities.

CNA 103 – Infection Control | Lecture 1.5 hrs | Lab 1 hrs
Students will be taught how to create and maintain a “clean” environment. An overview of the cycle of germs, how they are transmitted, and what must be done to keep them maintained, along with the principles of health maintenance.

CNA 104 – The Immune and Lymphatic Systems | Lecture 2.5 hrs | Lab 0 hrs
Students will learn the path taken by the immune system to fight illnesses, disease prevention, and the principles of health maintenance.

CNA 105 – Safety and Body Mechanics | Lecture 2 hrs | Lab 1.5 hrs

Phlebotomy Program - Aspire Medical Training Academy - Baton Rouge LouisianaPHLEBOTOMY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM

Course Overview

This course was developed to train students to become certified phlebotomists. Students will be taught basic courses in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and clinical laboratory procedures. They will learn competency skills for both capillary and venous laboratory procedures. The Phlebotomy course is 10 weeks total and consists of 92 hours of lecture, 28.5 hours of lab, and 40 hours of clinical externship. They will then be eligible to register for certification through the National Health Career Association (NHA).

Semester 1 (3weeks)

BIOL 1000 – Anatomy & Physiology I | Lecture 12 hrs | Lab 0 hrs

Introduction to the human body and how it works to maintain equilibrium.

MEDS 1003 – Medical Terminology I |  Lecture 12 hrs | Lab 0 hrs

Introduction to medical language and terms related to the human body.

LAB 2000 – Clinical Laboratory I | Lecture 12 hrs | Lab 0 hrs

Introduction to the clinical procedures and languages used in the laboratory. Basic laboratory practices and testing will be studied.

Semester 2 (3 weeks)

BIOL 1001 –  Anatomy & Physiology II | Lecture 12 hrs | Lab 0 hrs

Students will continue to learn about body functioning, the process of disease, and basic laboratory studies.

MEDS 1004 – Medical Terminology II | Lecture 12 hrs | Lab 0 hrs

Students will learn additional medical terms with specific references to the disease process.

LAB 2001 – Clinical Laboratory II | Lecture 12 hrs | Lab 12 hrs

Students will learn the protocol for additional laboratory tests and procedures. Students will continue capillary and venous blood draws. Sticks will be practiced during lab hours. NHA requires 30 venous sticks and 10 capillary sticks to meet criteria for certification.

Semester 3 (4 weeks)

NHA Review 4000 – NHA Exam | Lecture 20 hrs | Lab 0 hrs

Students will review for the NHA phlebotomy certification exam.

Externship 3000 –  Clinical Externship | Lecture 0 hrs | Lab 40 hrs

Students will participate in on-hands laboratory practice in local facilities. Students will earn additional sticks towards the number required during their 2-week externship.